Regular studies

Changes on the barometer of public opinion

Like temperatures at different times of the year attitudes of the general public are subject to fluctuations. Those who want to continuously follow these changes and recognise possible cooling and overheating can make use of our regular barometer of public opinion and brands.

Through regular studies IM Leipzig offers you reliable and scheduled market research in order to e.g. measure the public opinion, the awareness of a brand or the satisfaction with an electricity supplier.

Barometer of Public Opinion

With our Barometer of Public Opinion we quarterly determine the attitude and mood of the population 18+ years by means of an omnibus survey. With the help of this survey on political, economic and social topics you gain precise insights into the developments and changes of the current opinion.

Brand Barometer

Regionally acting suppliers of consumer goods can, on the other hand, take part in our Brand Barometer and therewith obtain information about the image and awareness of their brand without spending a considerable amount of their marketing budget. In this representative survey 1000 people aged 18+ years are asked about awareness, purchase and usage as well as advertising perception of certain brands.

Energy Supplier Monitor

With the Energy Supplier Monitor electricity suppliers can interview their private customers and potential customers by means of a standardized questionnaire. The objective is to learn about the current level of satisfaction with their electricity supplier and the loyalty to the company. Thereby single processes and services such as tariffs, invoicing and complaint handling can specifically be asked and compared to current data of competitors.