Political and social research

Identifying trends

A modern society is not a fixed construct. It is a living system of economy, politics, culture and social issues that can change slowly or rapidly. Those who want to look at these areas and move in them should know and understand their changes.

With targeted studies and analyses IM Leipzig assists you in recognizing and explaining developments and trends in society. Due to our know-how and our long-standing experience we know exactly which questions have to be asked to precisely represent and analyze reality.

Based on sound analysis we are able to explain e.g. to associations, administration, ministries and non-profit organisations what the state of society they move in currently is like and how society reacts on their work and activities.

Our political and social research services at a glance:

  • Target group survey
  • Potential analysis
  • Evaluation study
  • Attitude measurement and values survey
  • Educational research
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Reputation study