Media and communication research

For a successful and accurately fitting appearance

A key aspect of media and communication research is to precisely fit media content to the communications objective. For this it is necessary to answer important key questions: Are specific media used? If yes, who uses them and to what extent? Do they have the intended impact? Who are the non-users? How can they become users?

IM Leipzig is able to answer you exactly these questions. We have many years of diversified experience in the fields of printed, television, radio, online and mobile communication. We support you, for example, in optimizing printed products such as newspapers and magazines, advertisements or posters. Together with you we analyse your customer communication or examine for you the information behaviour of a whole region in representative surveys. This enables you to tailor your communication measures and media to suit your customers and avoid as much as possible coverage waste.

Our media and communication research services at a glance:

  • Readership and non-readership analysis
  • Coverage analysis
  • Market media study
  • Advertising test
  • Advertising effectiveness control
  • Potential analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Format, moderator and programme test
  • Music test
  • Usage of Eye tracking
  • Combination of qualitative and quantitative methods