Advertising research

The effect of advertising

Advertising is a key mediator between supplier and target group. Either when launching a product, increasing sales of a product or strengthening the image, advertising takes effect when it is well positioned and well put into practice.

IM Leipzig supports you with professional advertising research already at the planning stage of your media strategy, and analyzes which channels and media promise the highest advertising efficiency. Once the communication concept is developed, we check its acceptance in the target group through pretests. After the start and end of a campaign we also measure the short- and long-term success of your communication work with different research methods and thereby include all media channels used.

Our advertising research services at a glance:

  • Advertising pretest
  • Advertising effectiveness control, e.g. as advertising tracking
  • Test of TV and radio commercials
  • Effect test of posters and advertisements
  • Response test of online advertising
  • Image test of sponsoring and PR activities
  • Response test of direct marketing activities
  • Copy test
  • Folder test of printed advertising
  • Eye tracking
  • CRT test and awareness test of commercials
  • Customer survey and observation at the POS